François-Xavier Bauduin, a French sociologist wrote an article on July 12, 2015 in the magazine “l’OBS le plus”, entitled « “Dieudonné, new “honorary guide” by Rael : this is obvious. They have a lot in common. ».

This article describes Rael and the Raelian Movement in a rather critical way globally.

On the other hand, François-Xavier Bauduin confirms if necessary that Raelians have nothing to do with the promotion of, paedophilia as they have been unfairly accused by some French-speaking media.

In his analysis concerning the misuse of the term cult, secte, François-Xavier Bauduin develops :

« … This is why sociologists use the term “new religious movement” to describe a newly emerging and often controversial movement”.

  Under these conditions, to ask whether the Raelian Movement is a “cult” has no sociological value. My weeks of observation spent alongside the Raelians, lived in a relationship of frankness and mutual respect, lead me to deny the accusations of paedophilia from which the movement suffers, as well as any idea of a deadly sectarian aberration, as we have seen with the Organisation of the Solar Temple. »

He thus joins the growing number of sociologists who, unlike the media, have studied the Raelian Movement closely and sometimes for several decades (such as Susan Palmer and Alain Bouchard) as well as experts from new religious movements who have had the intelligence to study them objectively (Willy Fautré, Anne Morelli, Pasteur JC Basset, Claire Lise Hoehn, etc.).