Responsible for the association “Aid663840_backdrop_scale short to sectarian victims”, Claire-Lise Hoehn attended a Raelian Awakening workshop in Salquenen (Switzerland) in August 1997..

This is part of his neutral approach to better know the groups often incognito. Not judging philosophical ideologies, it seeks to combat the possible destructive effects of these groups.


Here are the points observed about the Raelian Movement.

Positive: No fanatic events.

No group pressure observed.

Responsibilization of the individual.

No drugs, alcohol or rape under penalty of exclusion from the group.

No children or minors during the Sensual Awakening seminars.

Finance: 3% of net earnings, after tax (very modest compared to other groups).

Negative: Cloning and its consequences;

I leave it to scientists and societies to judge on that.

Leaflets:  Provocative

My analysis:    Many followers have a very developed artistic side, hence a level of fantasy a little outside of our habits. Rather nice. Rael’s speeches are positive. He clearly says,              ‘become responsible, give yourself fully to your work and your family, do not live off the State’, he also adds ‘If you do not agree with me, I respect you and ask that you not listen to me; however, drugs, alcohol, rape, or bad life will have you excluded from the group.’

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