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Who are the raelians ? from Rael Justice on Vimeo.

ericmini Welcome !

For the past twenty years or so the Raelian Movement has often been perceived as a worrisome cult in most French media.

On other continents Raelians are regularly invited to participate in public debate.

As a graduate in applied psychology, a Raelian Guide having already left the Structure of the Raelian Movement because of disagreement with Rael, I have been for more than eight years the European Legal Officer of the Raelian Movement.

It has always been important for me to go directly to the source to find out if in fact the Raelian Movement has problems with the justice system and if the respect of the law is well observed.

It thus seems to me that I am in a good position with the necessary and sufficient hindsight to understand the judicial reality of the Raelians.

I have therefore created this website with total transparency in mind, without partisan discourse in order to allow a critical scientific approach on the Raelian Movement in order to feed the debate with objective and quality information.

Please enjoy these thoughts !

Eric Remacle

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Finally, this site will allow you to discover several little-known court cases in which Raelians won (here here  and here  for example, or recently, this one  as well asold private cases concerning convicted Raelians two main cases can be found here and here).

If you would like to know about my personal development book that puts Rael in the spotlight, you can find it here.

In a lighter way, I also invite you to read the 10 impertinent questions asked to Raelians.