Philippe Chabloz
Philippe Chabloz

Mr. Philippe Chabloz, head of the Raelian Movement of Switzerland, organised an information conference on June 18, 2016. An announcement of this conference was posted on Facebook and generated some comments.

Among them, an insulting and misleading comment was made by Ms. Martine Desarzens, using the terms “paedophiles and crooks” categorically. After attempts at dialogue on the part of the Raelians, this person refused to answer and maintained her position. To restore the truth after this slanderous attitude, Mr. Philippe Chabloz had to file a complaint with the Lausanne court.

Before a judge, during the investigation, Ms. Martine Desarzens chose to retract and request a withdrawal of the complaint. Mr. Philippe Chabloz has accepted an arrangement and decided to withdraw his complaint under the following conditions:
1) To post on Facebook a message containing the slanderous terms to which the following answer is added:

“I regret having stated that Raelians are crooks and paedophiles and acknowledge that I have no evidence to support this allegation and that it is not based on anything tangible. I admit that I know nothing about the Raelian Movement and its members and I admit that I have been influenced by unfounded articles and rumours.
I retracted at a hearing at the Lausanne Public Prosecutor’s Office and would like to offer you my sincere apologies.
Martine Desarzens”

2) After this statement, adding the following confirmation:

“I confirm that this is accurate.

Martine Desarzens”

(see Facebook screenshot))

3) As a consequence of the damage suffered (moral damage), an initial sum of 1000 SFs had been requested, which was reduced to 250 SFs at the appellant’s request.
In addition, all legal costs and expenses are to be borne by Ms. Desarzens.


Pieces :

Complaint filed in court