Jean Claude Basset

Pastor of the Protestant National Church of Geneva, lecturer at the University of Lausanne (science of religion), Jean-Claude Basset was brought to question the nature and the Raelian writings.

Extracts :

I must point out that I feel no affinity with the Raelian theories on extraterrestrials, neither the creation by the Elohim nor their imminent return on Earth, Geniocracy or cloning. I do not intend to make the apology of a movement I consider wilfully provocative. Of course, do not know of all its activities, but I have in my possession the 5 books it has published: “Le livre qui dit la vérité”, “Les extraterrestres m’ont emmené sur leur planète”, “Accueillir les extraterrestres”, “Le racisme religieux financé par le gouvernement socialiste”, and “La méditation sensuelle”.

 In my readings, I didn’t find anything that could justify the serious accusation according to which the movement would “in its writings ‘theoretically’ advocate pedophilia and incest” as printed in the incriminated article of the newspaper “La Liberté” from Fribourg. To my knowledge, sensual meditation is an awareness of all the body’s senses which legitimises nothing more than a sexual freedom among consenting adults.

As for the apology of suicide, I consider that, until proven otherwise, there is a manifest amalgamation with the tragedy of the “Order of the Solar Temple”. The incriminated quote doesn’t go beyond the state of mind of first centuries Christian martyrs, or that or fighters of the Résistance in occupied France.

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