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Glenn Carter, President of the UK Raelian Movement, was questioned by Liam McInerney of the UK Daily star about a documentary diffused on an international plateforme. Here are the answers to the journalist. 

January 30th 2024
To Liam McInerney

Slavery of all kinds, whether it be sex slavery or any other form of slavery, is abhorrent to both the Raelian Movement as an organisation and to each individual Raelian wherever they may be, as this is against our philosophy completely. We hope that you too will agree with this sentiment. The subject of slavery and sex slavery is not a trivial nor fun subject and certainly is not to be taken lightly.

So that said – if the person in the Netflix trailer knows of any instances or any truth of sex slavery held within the accusation that you echo, then we encourage this person to go directly to the police of whatever country she is in. To not do so would be committing a criminal offence and that could also be said for the Netflix company. The offence in not reporting any alleged crime is in this particular case compounded by the specific accuser that you quote as she is a journalist who is in fact attempting to sell her own book. No criminal report to police, just good publicity for her writing. We all have to pay our mortgage I guess. Regardless, slavery is an offence under British law as you well know, and in most countries the same stands. Slavery is a crime and MUST be reported. The fact that the accuser hasn’t done this crucial service to humanity and apparently hasn’t gone to the police, and instead is selling a book, should tell you all you need to know.

However, the truth doesn’t often sell TV programs or newspapers, so add ‘sex’ and ‘slavery’ to the mix, then you have a product people want to see (so it seems). It is a titillating accusation for those who don’t see its seriousness.

The truth is, if Netflix were to make a documentary on Santa Clause and were to actually tell the truth in this fictitious documentary, then no one would tune in, as it would be of little interest.
So Netflix, I suggest, would find some unfortunate or vulnerable person (if they looked hard enough) willing to freely state, for whatever reason, that they have “heard that Santa Clause keeps sex slaves, holds orgies and likes sex”. This accusation would at least raise eyebrows and get people with nothing better to do to tune in and see what it’s all about. However, would this make it true? I think you can answer that question for yourself.

What I would say is this – go to the police if something is real, share your evidence, do a service to a suffering member of humanity. Personally speaking, I would go to the police in a second. I would never allow slavery to go unchallenged if I had any information that could end it, or free someone from it! But just like the accusation Santa Clause would now face in the fictional Netflix 3 part docudrama, there is no truth in it. Although I’m sure Santa does like sex as he apparently had girlfriends as he chose one to be his wife in fiction land. But this is no crime.

Some useful information for you to publish in your article:

Police emergency 999 Non emergency 101

Or just give me any information you have, any sources you can share and crucially, any evidence and I will contact police immediately, if you don’t want to.

Kind regards, Glenn Carter

UK Raelian Movement