qui sont les raeliens

raeliennes02Raelians are men and women who have joined the Raelian religion, also known as Raelian Movement.

Depending on the countries and their policies for integrating new religious minorities, this young religion is sometimes recognized as a religion, sometimes perceived as a cult.

In several countries of Africa and Asia, it is considered in, the same way as the major religions, in the media and in social life.

In Europe, although it is recognized as a religion (example : in Slovenia), it is often perceived as a cult in French-speaking countries in the same way as the Catholic Church is in China.

The Raelian religion introduces a new hypothesis about the origin of life.

Raelians are not evolutionists, because they believe that life is the result of a creation and they are not deists, because they do not believe in the existence of a god.

The Raelian religion is directed atconsenting adults and baptizes only adults who have made a conscious choice.

Although often perceived very negatively in French-speaking Europe, the Raelian religion is also, according to some academic experts on religions, a religion that deserves the same treatment as the major religions such as Confucianism, Islam, Buddhism.

What is not well known to the general public are the studies (mentioned in the site) that highlight the non-threatening nature of this new religion.

An in-depth social and legal analysis over more than thirty years shows that the young Raelian religion is a religion that is highly respectful of the law and human rights, a carrier of peace actions and of cooperative and benevolent behaviours.

The values of the Raelian religion are placed on three levels: the individual, others and society. For many sociologists, they are innovative and contribute to the emergence of a new society.Palmiers_petit

The Raelian values are as follows : 

  • Responsibility
    Every man is responsible for his actions, even if he only obeys the orders given, in any form whatsoever.
    « Do not obey any order whatsoever and whoever issued it, if it goes against your conscience. » RAEL
  • Absolute respect for life
    Even if any authority made us believe that by executing a single man, we could save all of humanity, we should not kill the man in question. The life of a single non-violent man is more precious than the whole of humanity. .
  • Self-respect
    This respect requires a healthy life achieved through harmony with nature, the practice of meditation, relaxation and the adoption of a healthy diet. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided. These substances destroy our genetic code and cause damage for future generations.
  • Self-love
    Guilt and fear lead our bodies to secrete toxic substances that harm our health. Self-love requires awareness of these states and the rejection of stress.
  • Respect for others
    Tolerance is not enough because to tolerate is to accept differences without enthusiasm. On the contrary, the love of differences is about encouraging others to be different from us and to fully experience their differences, whether ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual. .
  • Sharing
    Every human being has the right, throughout his life, to have something to eat, a place to sleep, a place to dress decently and to receive an education, even if he does not work; yet he who works also has the right to luxury, an indispensable factor for the progress of Humanity. The luxury obtained will be proportional to the work done and the progress it has brought to society.
  • Democracy
    Democracy is the only possible way for everyone to accept any political system of a government or a country.
  • Non-violence
    Threats of violence must be punished as severely as violence itself, because they imply that the individual making them admits that his or her point of view can triumph through violence. « Nothing justifies violence, even freedom. Violence solves nothing, never. The only acceptable logic for human beings is that of love and non-violence. ». RAEL
  • World peace
    The creation of a world government supported by a world army of “Peacekeepers” for the whole planet would make it possible to abolish national armies and devote their military budgets to the fight against hunger in the world.