Does the UN go further than Raelians in its recommendations or does it confirm the vision of Raelians on children’s sexual education?

The reading of Unesco’s latest report on sexual education confirms it and is totally in line with the Raelian philosophy.

The United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (l’UNESCO) published a 98-page report in December 2009 providing a universal sexual education curriculum for children between the ages of 5 and 18.

This report was written by leading experts in the field of sexual education, including Dr. Doug Kirby, an expert in adolescent sexual education, and Nanette Ecker, former Director of Training and Education at the Council for Sexuality Education and Information in the United States.

According to Mark Richmond, Director of UNESCO’s Division for the Coordination of United Nations Priorities in Education, the curriculum is based on a synthesis of gender relevant literature, based on 87 studies from around the world.

This initiative aims to help educators around the world develop appropriate sexual education programs.

It talks about masturbation and UNESCO’s recommendations suggest that we start talking about it with children aged five to eight.

The Director of UNESCO’s Division for the Coordination of UN Priorities defended teaching about masturbation as age-appropriate because “even in early childhood, children are known to be curious about their bodies.” These lessons, he added, “will hopefully help children develop a deeper understanding of sexual behaviour as they move into adulthood.”

This echoes what the Raelians have been saying on the subject for 40 years.

Indeed, the following recommendations can be found in the Raelian literature:

– Sensual education is one of the most important things, and yet at the moment it scarcely exists at all. You will awaken the mind of your child, but you will also awaken his or her body, for the awakening of the body is linked to the awakening of the mind. All those who seek to numb the body are also numbing the mind.  

– Our creators have given us our senses so we might use them. The nose is meant for smelling, the eyes for seeing, the ears for hearing, the mouth for tasting, and the fingers for touching. We must develop our senses so as to get more enjoyment from all those things, which our creators put here for us to enjoy. 

– A sensual individual is far more likely to be in harmony with infinity, because such a person can feel it without it having to meditate or reflect.

– However, meditation and reflection will enable that individual to understand this harmony better and to radiate it all around himself or herself by teaching.

– To be sensual means to let your environment give you pleasure.

– Sexual education is very important as well, but it only teaches the technical functions and uses of the organs. Sensual education on the other hand, teaches us how to gain pleasure from our organs purely for pleasure’s sake, without necessarily seeking to use them for their utilitarian purposes.

– To say nothing to your children about their sexual organs is wrong, and although it is better to explain what they are for, this is still not enough. You must explain how they can gain pleasure from them.  

– To explain only their function would be like telling them that music is for marching to, that knowing how to write is helpful only for penning letters of complaint, or that movies are useful only for giving audio visual courses, and other such nonsense. Fortunately, thanks to artists and through the awakening of our senses, we can obtain pleasure from listening, reading or looking at works of art that were made for no other reason than to give pleasure. The same goes for the sexual organs. They are not just for satisfying our natural needs or for ensuring reproduction, but also for giving pleasure to others and ourselves.

– Each one of our organs was created by our parents, the Elohim, so that we might use it feeling not shame, but happiness at using something for which it was designed. If the act of using one of our organs brings pleasure, it means that our creators wish us to have that pleasure.

– Every individual is a garden that should not be left uncultivated. A life without pleasure is an uncultivated garden. 

Excerpts from the book “Intelligent Design”.

“The Raelian philosophy, unlike these barbaric traditions, advocates sexual pleasure, which is essential for human development and for a responsible education,” adds Lisiane Fricotté, a Raelian lawyer specializing in civil liberties and human rights.

The right to proper sexual education is a fundamental human right enshrined in the Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, according to the Raelians, the lack of education exposes us to serious risks, including several scourges in our societies (victim of paedophile ill people, disease, guilt).

Sexual education must not be limited to explaining what the functioning of the genital organs and reproduction are for, but must also explain how to obtain pleasure from them in order to enable human beings to live fully: this is what Rael has been teaching for nearly 40 years and which many doctors, sociologists and experts are now saying, sounding the alarm on the need to develop sexual education, the importance of promoting adapted activities from the youngest age and demystifying all aspects of sexuality by including the pleasure dimension.

« We are entitled to wonder what the authorities are waiting for, given the delay in setting up proper modern educational programmes based on the experts’ recommendations on the notion of pleasure. Referring to reproduction and sexual health is a step, but it is not enough, » Lisiane Fricotté already pointed out at the launch of the campaign in November 2010.

« A potential adult cannot acquire full autonomy, feel free and responsible when an entire part of himself or herself is ignored. The human being was created for pleasure, sexuality is an integral part of it and education related to it is essential. Young people must choose and freely assume their sexuality when they feel ready and not because of social, media or religious pressures.”

She added : « For years, the Raelian Movement’s vision about sexuality, and in particular the sexual education of young people, has been distorted by sensationalist media; the normalizing and liberticidal environment is such that a 2011 European Court decision reiterates these accusations. This is a counter-truth to Rael’s teaching, but it is also contrary to what is currently being advocated by the highest international bodies in the field of education. Regardless of the detractors of the Raelian philosophy, even Unesco advocates sexual education from the earliest age. ».

According to the Raelians, it is high time to restore a responsible and harmonious vision of sexuality in all its dimensions of pleasure and freedom, without moralizing prejudice. These educational actions must address without taboos the questions about masturbation, sexual diversity and respect, as this UN report does and in line with the Raelian vision.

Here is the official 98-page UNESCO report :

Eric Remacle